Friday, November 7, 2014

Interview with Photographer PALLAVI RAMASAMI

Today its a great pleasure for me to feature the amazing Pallavi Ramasami a Mauritian photographer. I had this amazing opportunity to work with her and i have to confess that she is one of a kind. It was a very nice and unique experience. Hope you'll enjoy this interview. All these pictures shown are her favorite photographs she has ever taken. 

Pallavi, tell us a little bit about you? 
This question gets me thinking.. Hmm.. Everybody knows me as a photographer.
I believe I am an artist who gets the chance to capture and immortalize bits and pieces from people’s lives, and show it to them, the way I see it.
    Your biggest dream in life?   
 To be happy, whatever I do.
Wake up happy, spend a day happily and go to bed even happier after thinking of the good day I spent.
And being grateful for every smile I gave to others and to myself.

In three words how would you describe yourself?
Crazy, crazy, crazy :D  

In your spare time what do you enjoy doing apart from photography?  
My whole world revolves around images,whether still or moving, I see life as a painting, a photograph or a movie.

Who do you admire the most in life?  
  My mother and women I meet in daily life. These women means so much in life, and I am lucky I met them and learn from their stories and experiences.

Where would you go if you had to escape from reality?     
Go to ‘’Sleep’’

The different things that inspires your work?
Everything I see... Sometimes I look at my fiancĂ© and I go ‘’ouuuuh, this light is gorgeous on your face’’ and I am inspired.
Or I see my puppy and kitty playing and I feel happy.
Happiness brings all the positivity I need to do my work. I cannot work without being inspired. And luckily I do not need a lot to be inspired. Simple things in life make me happy.

In one word what does photography means for you?      
"My everything", I cannot imagine myself without it.

What is the one thing you always think while shooting?
I don’t think, I shoot. Ha ha

What would you like to be doing in five years from now? 
Photography and everything that connects with it. I won’t change now.. It took me a long time to know what I want to do.  And now that I know, I won’t turn back. 

What’s the most challenging thing in photography?  
 Pleasing myself.
I am often hyper after each photo session; I have favorite images, I am happy and excited to share them to my friends, family and my page.
But I don’t remain proud of these same images after a while.
So I create new work, and this goes again.
I guess it is a good thing to challenge yourself and constantly wanting to bring change to your work, your personality, your life. It only brings better things your way.

If you had to choose a memorable shooting what would it be and why?
The maternity sessions I did, are the most memorable. I can do them over and over.. and never get tired.
The new life growing in a human’s body always amazes me and the mother love for her offspring is such a beautiful thing. I love every second of being next to these mothers and I enjoy how they glow.
I adore being part of the joy of making this moment last forever through my work.
And meeting them again when their little bundle of joy is here doubles everything. 

What do you do to differentiate yourself from other photographers?
 Everyone is good at what they do in their own way.
I appreciate other photographers’ work and I enjoy learning from them.
We never stop learning. 

Your all time favorite song?
I have many songs that I play while working on my photos. Mostly French, English and Foreign languages.

what type of camera do you shoot with?
Canon and Nikon

Check out more about her work:
website is under construction

Here is the lookbook sheryline and I have done with the amazing  Pallavi.

LookBook Summer 2014 from ColorPlay Studio on Vimeo.

Here is a  video about her work


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